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About Us

Our company, Ganapati Chemisys Ltd, is part of a Group that comprises Flour Milling,
Baking, Emulsifier manufacture, Ice Cream production, and a complete range of products
under the “Dernier” brand for the Cake industry.

Our extensive range of products include Non-Dairy Whipped Topping, Cake Glaze, Cake
Jelly, Dernier Actigel, Cake Premixes and Concentrates, Softy Mixes, Emulsifier-Stabilizer Systems
for Ice Cream, Bread Improvers and Cooking Cream.

We have always been a Group driven by quality and this is supported by the several
reputable customers who have faith in our products:

Flour milling: Nestle, Glaxo SmithKline, Mondelez/Cadbury
Baking: Bonn Nutrients, Cafe Coffee Day
Emulsifiers: Harvest Gold/Grupo Bimbo, Mondelez, Morde, Duke’s.